What do psychologists do? And what do psychiatrists do? There will be general psychologists treating general conditions, everyday issues that would be troubling men, women and children of all ages. But would it be correct in labeling psychiatrists as general practitioners? This question could be asked in the sense that you do not need a prescription or a medical referral to seek out general psychiatric treatment in liberty hill, tx.

All you would need to do is just pick up the phone yourself and telephone the psychiatrist’s office and probably explain briefly how you are feeling. The psychiatrist’s astutely intellectual receptionist cum personal secretary would listen for a few moments and then pause for reflection.

Well, what she is in actual doing is consulting the resident psychiatrist’s diary. You could ask any patient who has been through this routine before. So, do not be surprised to learn that you could possibly wait a week or so for your turn to go and see the psychiatrist.

psychiatric treatment in liberty hill, tx

But just mention the word or phrase and you could find yourself booked in on the very day, or evening, you made that distress call. Suicidal thoughts. Does that ring any bells? Well, a clinical psychiatrist will have heard this many times during his spell as a highly qualified medical practitioner.

Suicide, or the very mention of it, will always be taken extremely seriously, even if it was only a thought. So, rest assured that should you feel as though your life is threatened, it is on the edge, close to being on a point of no return, you will receive help. The same goes for clinical psychologists. They will not be taking their requests for treatment with a grain of salt.