Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by extreme highs and lows.  People with this disorder may feel happy and eager to face the world one day and the exact opposite the next.

Many symptoms that suggest that a person is struggling with bipolar disorder but it’s sometimes difficult to tell when you are the person suffering. For many people, it is family or friends who point out flaws in the person’s behavior, which urges them to seek help.

People with bipolar disorder exhibit signs which include:

·    Bouts of over-excitement and uncontrollable energy

·    Depression is more than feeling ‘down and out’

·    You suffer from ADHD, anxiety, schizophrenia, or drug or alcohol addiction

·    Family history of bipolar disorder

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People struggling with bipolar disorder may participate in risky behaviors. They might also hear or see things that are not there. Many people struggling with the disorder participate in risky behaviors, sometimes even criminal acts.

This is not a complete list of symptoms of bipolar disorder of course.

It is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional if you feel that something is off or just not right. It could also benefit you to seek medical help if friends or family indicate something off about your behavior.

It is not something that should embarrass you. Thousands of people struggle with bipolar disorder. You are not to blame for the disorder. What is important is that you seek help and get the treatment that you need.

A combination of medications and lifestyle changes benefit most people struggling with bipolar and can benefit you as well. Additionally, some people find help from behavioral health facility in louisville, ky. With a diagnosis and medical intervention, living a full, happy life with bipolar disorder is possible.